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HIGHLANDS – At a recent trip to the Mid City Mall ValuMarket, congressional candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes repeatedly refused to answer whether she wanted paper or plastic grocery bags.

Cashier Kara Stevens finished scanning Grimes’s groceries, which consisted mainly of $5 coconut waters and pre-cooked bacon, and asked if she would prefer they be placed in paper bags or smaller plastic bags. Both are made from recyclable materials and include the ValuMarket logo.

“She wouldn’t tell me which bag she wanted. I asked her four, five times, and she just kept saying it’s none of my business,” said Stevens.  ” She said ‘This isn’t about bags, it’s about my groceries’ or something. She was kind of the worst.”

Fellow shopper Adelaide Smith, who witnessed the incident, suspected that Grimes did not answer the question for fear of alienating other customers.

“I prefer plastic, myself,” said Smith.  “But other customers nearby were requesting paper. I bet she just didn’t want to offend anyone. ”

Billy Markham, who stocks produce at the store, thought the refusal to answer was “cowardly. She needs to be honest with the people bagging her groceries.”

Markham’s friend Jason Kimball, who works in the deli, agreed. “We deserve to know. If she won’t tell us we’ll all just have to assume she will bankrupt this state.”

Eventually, Stevens called over the store manager, Ricky Adams. “I asked what the problem was, and Grimes insisted that her preference for paper or plastic was private, and we needed to respect that.” Adams offered to help her carry her groceries to the car without a bag, and Grimes asked if he would have asked a man the same question. “I told her I helped an elderly man carry 2 gallons of milk to his car 20 minutes ago, but she had stopped listening to me at that point.  She was asking another cashier if we had any Clinton bags or something.”

According to Adams, Grimes tried to pay in bitcoins after refusing to pay with cash or credit, but eventually paid in quarters and stuffed the groceries inside her large purse before leaving the store.

Sandy Thompson
Germantown Times
October 2014

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