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Edward Lee to have name legally changed to “Yes Chef”


Local celebrity chef Edward Lee announced on social media this week that he’s going to officially change his name to “Yes Chef”.  After years of toying with idea, he’s finally filing the necessary paperwork tomorrow morning at the court house.

“It’s time”, said Lee.  “I’m about to turn 47, I’ve made tons of aioli.  I don’t know any other city where this has gone on as long as it has.

The longtime Chef says people have been calling him all kind of names for as long as he can remember.

“I’m not just a guy that you’re “cool” with.” said Lee.  “When I ask you a question don’t just look at me and say, “yeah”.  Like wtf?  I know most people in Louisville just go about their days going to Speedway and Kroger.  I’m like hanging with real dudes a lot, and my shit is sick.”

The city has informed Edward Lee that it could take up to 6 weeks for the new name to be official.   Mr. Lee says it couldn’t happen sooner.

“If you see me in the street, just holler Yes Chef at me, I think it’s a respect thing”, said Lee.  “I hope the city is chill about it.  I hope people can be mature about the whole thing and know this is completely normal in every other major city.  It’s not a big deal.”

Lee will debut his new name at Bourbon & Beyond this summer and plans to also announce a new restaurant concept where he adds bourbon to dishes.

Achu + Blesu Clothing Line

Frank and I had a young man names Theo couch surf at our house this summer in Louisville from Sweden. He’s a very handsome man, with a huge heart and big hands. We showed him around and filled his head with imagination just as we did with our own kids when they were young. He has returned to Sweden very inspired and started designing a line of clothing called Achü + Blesü all centered on his visit to Louisville and everything he learned. Please check out his Facebook page and stop by Block Party Handmade Boutique to pick up one of his t-shirts.

xoxo – Sandy12189264_1695836747298142_1956019152703000020_o

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HIGHLANDS – Yesterday around 3 pm a time traveling skateboarder, Rickey Thrash, emerged from a portal in an alley behind Comfy Cow.  The 15 year old man reportedly stood up slowly, dusting off his jean jacket as he looked curiously at a young girl riding by on a razor.   Thrash began skateboarding through the highlands completely distracted, bumping into people as one man allegedly shouted “hey watch it buddy”.

“I just wanna get a slice of dough,” said Thrash.  “Where the hell did all the Pizza Huts in this town skid off to?”

Thrash stumbled into a Pizza Hut express off of Preston Highway eventually, but said it was weak as hell.

“Where the hell is Golden Axe?”, Thrash asked the 24 year old manager taking his order.  “Listen old man, just get me a pizza with the works and I’ll get out of here.  This place is cashed.”

After his…

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As some of you may know, Sandy and I are running for 2014 Gnadinger Park Counsel Board.  We promise the people of Germantown we will push hard to change the hours of Gnadinger Park to open an hour later.  You can buy a shirt to show your support below.  These are pre-orders!  All orders must be placed by Sunday, October 19th and we will begin shipping the week of the 27th.




LOUISVILLE – When 32 year old libertarian, Gus Thatcher, heard a co-worker singing, “it’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday”, all he could do was get up from his desk and start lecturing everyone on how back in the 60’s Nixon moved the week forward a day.  Thatcher began pulling up links on his phone and pointing to Willy Wonka meme’s from his Facebook as everyone half listened and casually looked in his direction every so often.  Thatchers lecture lasted almost 30 minutes until he noticed he was the only person left in the room.

“I feel like that went pretty well,” said Thatcher.  “I mean I wished people would have hung around to the end when I started talking about Rand Paul though.  My point was, Nixon back in the 60’s, ordered everyone to turn their clocks forward 24 hours cause he was so excited about a weekend fishing trip.  It’s not in the history books, but if you get on this libertarian blog I read, It’s all there.  I guess I should’ve just simply said that to my colleagues earlier instead of explaining what it means to be a libertarian in a fascist society for 20 minutes. It’s just so hard to get people to wake up and start paying attention to memes on Facebook these days.  But hey, what can you expect from a bunch of statists with strawmans arguments that are marxists in sheep clothes though, am I right?”

After lunch Thatcher and his coworkers all sat back down at their desks as he tried turning loose conversation into a full on political debate.

“I mean that’s what Saddam did to the Kurds in the 80’s,” Thatcher shouted at a woman asking if anyone wanted some cookies.  “Saddam basically asked them if they want weapons, and of course we went in like a bunch of war hawks and gave Saddam more weapons to use on his own people.  I just can’t stand all the overspending that goes on in Washington, and we should be able to form a militia and choose if we want our kids vaccinated, Ayn Rand.  But yeah I’ll take some cookies, thanks Jenny.”

Just before the day was over Thatcher wished everyone a good weekend, but reminded everyone that in his house it’s still only Thursday.  

“It can get a little confusing, but it’s really easy,” Said Thatcher.  “We just DVR things like Saturday Night Live then watch them on what you guys call Sunday night.  Kind of like what the Koch Brothers are doing to Washington today, or what Darwin thought about biology, but we won’t get into all of that right now.  Unless you guys want to.”

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
August 2014