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ST. MATTHEW’S – Roaming the DVD and CD section at his local Target, St. Matthews resident, Ted Combs, adorably stacks several DVD’s against his hoodie sweater as he continues to browse movie titles.  The middle aged man casually walked from the horror section over to the action titles, picking up several movies completely ignoring the affordable online options he has in the world.

“Some of these horror movies are two for $20,” said Combs.  “It’s an exciting time to be alive.”

After browsing the DVD section, Combs adorably drifted over to the Rock & Roll compact disc section of the store.

“I just heard a Dylan song I’d never heard before while at Kroger the other night,” Combs said while looking over a compact disc in his hand.  “I think this is it.  Hopefully the rest of the album is good so I’m not wasting my money buying the entire album. But I can’t sit around waiting for it to come on the radio all day.”

At press time Combs was seen breaking a dollar bill with a cashier to make a phone call on the stores pay phone.

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