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HIGHLANDS – Ramsi’s restaurant took to Facebook yesterday announcing their menu landed a 6 season series with HBO.  The menu has been around for a while and Owner, Jeff Ramsi, says it still doesn’t have an ending but they’re close.  The 368 page menu currently on display at the popular Highlands restaurant is set to be the first season, but Ramsi says there will be some necessary changes in certain plot points in the menu to adapt it to the big screen.

“It’s Hollywood baby, these things happen,” said Ramsi.  “Wait till you see how many other items we added to the menu exclusively for HBO, our fans are gonna love it.

Ramsi’s is notoriously a favorite restaurant in Louisville with people that either just moved here, or people that self identify as “foodies”.  Ramsi says somewhere in season 4 the menu will change to a different world of cuisine (think Klingon), consisting of mostly pudding bowl entrees much like Robocop ate, but with exotic spices.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
October 2014

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