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University of Louisville art therapy major Jessica Stigler, 23, looks forward to her weekly girls’ night to discuss her favorite TV series, Girls.

“Lena Dunham is a total trendsetter,” says Stigler.  “She’s really captured like, the voice of our generation. I don’t know, she just, like, gets being a girl.”

Stigler says she and her friends have been “obsessed” with the show since its inception.

“I think it’s like, pretty clear that I’m the ‘Hannah’ of the group,” said Stigler. “I’m definitely a little quirky and pretty OCD. I like being reminded of my Hannah traits.”

Stigler says that she enjoys writing poetry in her spare time and that the show’s creator, Lena Dunham, has inspired her to write a blog.

“It’s going to be about what I’ve learned as like, a woman in the art world,” said Stigler.  “Being a feminist is what the show is all about, and I enjoy creating situations where I can accuse men of being sexist.  It’s really empowering.”

Stigler’s friend Alexis Johnson, 22, says she’s tired of being called ‘Marnie.’

“We get it, she loves Girls, but I’m like, so sick of hearing about the show, personally. The characters are all really annoying and literally so selfish. Jessica is always saying that that’s the point of the show or whatever, but I like, don’t care. I’m so over it. Also, Marnie is literally the worst. Her eyebrows are super big and gross and I hate looking at her droopy, horse shaped face. Plus, she wore boot-cut jeans in this one episode. I have definitely not worn boot-cut jeans since middle school.”

Stigler’s other friends, Bethany and Leah, have similar opinions.

“I made the mistake of comparing Jessica to Hannah one night. Now, all she does is whine all day and talk about being a writer,” says friend, Bethany Sims, “I swear to God, Jessica Snap Chatted me a selfie with a glass of white wine the other night with the caption ‘Its a wednesday nite baby and I’m alive’.  I immediately unfollowed her on Instagram.”

Stiglers friend Leah, who is “literally, actually Shosh” according to Stigler, nodded in agreement before adding, “I stopped watching during, like, season two or something. When Hannah stuck that Q-Tip in her ear or whatever, I was like, ‘Bye.’ Season three ended, like, months ago, so she’s been re-watching, like, the entire series to see if she’s missed anything. So far I’m thinking the only thing she’s missed is that none of us, like, give a shit.”

Stigler’s friends are hoping that they can convince her to watch Biggest Loser or Game of Thrones by her second basil gimlet tonight.

Sandy Thompson
Germantown Times
September 2014

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