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HIGHLANDS – Yesterday around 3 pm a time traveling skateboarder, Rickey Thrash, emerged from a portal in an alley behind Comfy Cow.  The 15 year old man reportedly stood up slowly, dusting off his jean jacket as he looked curiously at a young girl riding by on a razor.   Thrash began skateboarding through the highlands completely distracted, bumping into people as one man allegedly shouted “hey watch it buddy”.

“I just wanna get a slice of dough,” said Thrash.  “Where the hell did all the Pizza Huts in this town skid off to?”

Thrash stumbled into a Pizza Hut express off of Preston Highway eventually, but said it was weak as hell.

“Where the hell is Golden Axe?”, Thrash asked the 24 year old manager taking his order.  “Listen old man, just get me a pizza with the works and I’ll get out of here.  This place is cashed.”

After his order came out, Thrash left the Pizza Hut on his skateboard holding the large pizza in one hand and using the other to eat a slice.

“I’ve had plenty of rad dudes come in here,” said the Pizza Hut manager.  “It’s just been years since I’ve seen a kid his age order a large pizza with the works, plus anchovies, and then try to pay for the order with those old “Book It” buttons.”

Thrash reportedly was last seen sitting on the steps of a Domino’s Pizza quoting Beavis & Butthead and showing off his pager to some teenage girls.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
September 2014

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