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GERMANTOWN – Last year Louisville band, the Pass, played an impressive 163 shows at Zanzabar and told us they planned on doubling that this year by having animatronics sit in for them on their nights off.  Zanzabar manager, Tony Bowman says this is just the next step for live music.

“These guys played shows over half of the year up here,” said Bowman.  “We couldn’t think of a better band to make animatronics out of.  We’re still working on Kyle’s robot, but he’s the lead singer so we want his to be extra special.  We’ll be releasing that later in the year.”

The mastermind behind all of the arcades and new animatronics at Zanzabar, is one of the owners who goes by just, “Aunt”.

“I found these bots on Craigslist down in Nashville, they came from an old Chuck E Cheese,” said Aunt.  “We have to program and of course redress them, but I’m excited to have these guys playing up here 24/7, even though it already feels like they do.”

The guys from The Pass say the new plans will give them more time to work on music and make out with their girlfriends.

“We just wanna make people dance,” said band member Will Sprite.  “Whether they’re dancing to us, or Teddy Ruxpin versions of us, we just wanna make out with our girlfriends.”

Aunt plans on debuting the new animatronics later this year and says local DJ’s, Glitter Tits, will hopefully be replaced by an animatronic he made out of an old iPod.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
February 2015

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GERMANTOWN – After a devastating breakup last month, Germantown resident Aimee Downs has been going out almost every night after work to have drinks with friends.  Like clockwork, a male will attempt to talk to Downs within an hour of whatever bar she ends up at.

“I’m so creeped out by guys these days,” said Downs.  “You can’t just walk up to a girl sitting at a bar and apologize for bumping her purse, it’s really really eerie.”

Downs said this type of behavior doesn’t just exist out in public, it also affects her online.

“Last week a guy commented on a photo I posted of me in a dress,” said Downs. “It was super creepy.  I mean just because I’m putting up every detail of my life on Facebook doesn’t mean you get to look at it like some awkward perv.”

With catcalling being in the national spotlight lately, Downs says she’s sympathetic with women that get yelled at while walking on the street but thinks there needs to be dialogue about other forms of catcalling.

“Even my mailman put some mail in my mailbox the other day in a super ghoulish way,” said Down.  “I can’t describe it, but its was just really slimy.”

At press time Downs was getting ready to go on a date with a guy she says is really suspect and says if he mentions her hair she spent hours on she’s going to crawl out of her skin.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
December 2014

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