Marriott and friends hanging out at last years potato face meetup

GERMANTOWN – 36 year old resident of Germantown, Jill Marriott, is pretty impressed with herself for not only wanting to attend the upcoming Neutral Milk Hotel concert at the Brown Hotel next spring, but for just knowing who the band is.  Last year Marriot missed the bands show in Cincinnati and claims she’s talked more on Facebook about missing the show, than her friends that actually made it to the show.

“I’ve been listening to the band since the airplane song came out,” said Marriott.  “I own all of that album and consider myself a Milk Head or Potato Face.”

Neutral Milk Hotel has a large group of followers referred to as “Milk Heads” and “Potato Face’s” that follow the band around the country (mostly on Instagram).  Marriott said Milk Heads usually gather at art shows and talk about the airplane in the notches of your spine song.

“I made a Neutral Milk Hotel playlist last winter when I was really down, and it became the most shared playlist on the Milk Heads message board,” said Marriott.  “It was actually just that airplane song 42 times, but I threw the song about carrot top at the very end.  Everyone appreciated it.”

Social media lit up yesterday after the announcement of the bands upcoming concert, Marriott said she was surprised anyone else even knew about the band.

“It’s weird to see a band you’ve been following for 3 years blow up, but that’s show biz right,” said Marriott.  “Kudos to them though, I mean their music truly inspired an entire generation for a few months when they were in art school.”

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
December 2014

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