GERMANTOWN – After finishing a bowl of cereal and feeding his cat, 33 year old Germantown man Christopher Bowman headed over to Danny Mac’s to vote.  Today is Bowman’s sixth time voting in his life, and he says every year feels a little bit better.  He doesn’t own a television and says he doesn’t really follow politics all that much, but says voting is very important to him.

“Christopher Columbus left us all something when he came over on that sail boat,” said Bowman.  “I have absolutely no clue who or what I just voted for in there.  But it feels good you know?”

Bowman headed to work texting friends and putting up reminders on Facebook for everyone he knows to go out and vote, but admits voting isn’t easy.

“The first question was between three names,” said Bowman.  “I designed an algorithm that basically breaks down my answers to match the names of the candidates to people I know in real life, or I’m a big fan of.  So for example, the first question I picked this guy Mitch cause I’m a huge Mitch Hedberg fan.  After that I voted for this King person cause I knew this guy in highscool named Ben King that drove a Honda Civic with a V-tech.  He pulled tons of shell.”

Though Bowman’s algorithm worked for most questions, he still found himself confused.

“It was only 20 minutes ago, but it feels like a total blur I have no idea what I just did,” recalled Bowman.  “But man it still feels really good, I’m super proud of everything I accomplished today.  I just hope this ‘I voted’ sticker gets me some shell from an intern at work or something.

At press time Bowman was desperately searching for his ‘I voted’ sticker that must have fallen off in the hallway, saying this was all a big waste of his time if he doesn’t find the sticker.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
November 2014

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