When most people think about foodies and gourmet chefs, they usually don’t think about children’s books.  Hammerhead’s head chef, Chris Powell, is hoping to change that this fall with his new children’s book,”Emily’s New Friend”.  The 36 year old chef has never written a book before, but has written several menu’s for the Germantown staple Hammerheads.

“I love this stuff,” said Powell.  “My wife and I put truffle oil on pretty much everything, but our two daughters are a little fussy with it.  We’re hoping this book will help our kids, and kids around the world realize truffle oil is not only delicious, but fun to play with as well.”

The book is only fifteen pages long and features beautiful illustrations by Powell’s wife.  The first few pages start with a little girl, Emily, playing on a jungle gym when she stumbles on a talking giant bottle of truffle oil.  The truffle oil introduces himself as “Truffy”, and begins to explain how some kids don’t like to put him on everything they eat, and how it hurts his feelings.

“It’s kind of how my first experience was as a kid around truffle oil,” said Powell.  “I accidentally knocked over a bottle onto the floor when I was about 8, and I’ll never forget that smell.  It smelled like weeks old Cheetos and corn nuts on the floorboards of that van Jewel lived in in the 90’s.  But as I started cleaning it up, something clicked.  I started licking the floor.  Licking it clean.  Inch by inch, every stroke of my tongue was slow and thorough.  I made sure I didn’t miss a single drip.  I crawled on my hands and knees, licking as I crawled.  Some of the oil had made its way almost 10 or so feet from where I dropped the bottle.  I didn’t care.  I followed the trail under and around the tables in the kitchen. My wife said I shouldn’t put any of this in the book, which I’m not planning on, but it was an important part of my childhood and history with the oil.  My parents came home and said the floors looked like they had been professionally cleaned.  I laughed and winked at the truffle oil bottle.”

Powell says his book should be available on Amazon this fall and he’s currently working on a duck fat children’s song with the chef from Eiderdown.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
August 2014


  1. CoreyA says:

    I love you.


  2. Amy jones says:

    God, me too. I defy all the negative Nancys who can’t enjoy this blog. Brings a joyful smile to my face every time:-)<—that's a joyful smile on its side, FYI.


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