As reported yesterday, Germantown is currently the battlegrounds for a tag war that’s been going on all summer.  This morning WHAS11 broke the news that an anonymous 76 year old retired man, going by the street name Boobsky, has now joined the warzone and is tagging sets of boobs next to every piece of graffiti he finds.

“I’m tired of walking through Germantown every morning and seeing all this boring stuff kids are calling art,” said the retired man.  “I thought I’d offer my generations perspective with a good old fashioned set of cans.”

I spoke with some neighbors about the mans new approach to Germantown graffiti and it seems most households are split on the issue.

“I think it’s offensive,” said neighbor Barbara Musseler.  “Yesterday morning I was walking with my children when we come across a set of Goodyears Boobsky recently tagged.  My kids asked, ‘Why’s Grandmas melons on the side of that building ma?’.  Everywhere we go not only are there scribbled obscenities, but a pair of chumbawumbas staring us in the eyes.  It’s just provoking the other taggers even more.”

The womans husband, Karl Musseler says everyone needs to calm down.

“Everytime my son and I walk by one of those pairs of Thelma and Louise’s, we both get a good chuckle.  We think it’s awesome and it’s opened up a relationship with my son that I never knew was there.” said Musseler.

The new 76 year old tagger in Germantown says he’s here to stay.  He say’s his Grandfather drew a couple funbags on the side of buildings with chalk back in his day, so he’s continuing a more honest tradition set decades ago.   At presstime he was headed to meet with residents in Norton Commons.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
July 2014

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