AP_chilis_restaurant_jef_140407_16x9_608 There’s no doubt about it, Germantown residents love their beers.  With local beer events being held throughout the year at Nachbar and Four Pegs, other local establishments are looking to get in on the craze.  The GM at Chili’s on Poplar Level Road says she’s trying to get the young people to come in and “just hang out”.

“I know people think we’re not that cool,” says Chili’s GM Dana Caldwell.  “But after 9pm we put  the 80s station on our satellite radio and I’ve been known to say a few swear words.”

The lights are dim inside and a couple of servers off shift sit at the bar drinking Blue Moons.  There are currently four beers on tap ranging from Bud Light, Miller Light, Blue Moon and a new addition, Magic Hat.

“I saw that Magic Hat was an option when our beer guy was in here last week, and thought ‘Why not,’” said Caldwell. “Maybe if we have an exotic, Lexington brewed beer up here, the cool cats will start to show up.”

Caldwell says they’ve had the beer on tap for a little over a week but no one’s tried it yet.

“We just want people to come in here and hang out,” says Caldwell. “We’ve got 26 flat screen TV’s and a ton of great apps.”   Caldwell leaned in close and told me if the cool cats wanna smoke in the bathroom she’s “not gonna be checking the bathrooms all night.”

Chili’s on Poplar is currently open until 11pm on Fridays and hopes to bring in more local beers if Magic Hat does well.

Frank Thompson
Germantown Times
July 2014


  1. Max says:

    Magic hat is from Vermont. She’s thinking of west 6th that magic hat sued for using a similar logo, they’re from Lexington.


  2. Shane says:

    I guess Magic Ass Hat was right all along, people do confuse them with that great beer from Lexington


  3. CraigT says:

    Putting in a beer that sued a Lexington brewery does seen a bit clueless. She must have read the story but forgotten which was the Kentucky beer.


  4. Rick says:

    It’s gotta be satire…right?


  5. g8 inspiration…………


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